Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We are willing to work hard and efficiently every day to manufacture the best products, making Guanglei the best brand of air purifier suppliers in China.


● Employees

We firmly believe that employees are our most important asset.
● We believe that the family happiness of employees will effectively improve work efficiency.
● We believe that employees will get positive feedback on fair promotion and remuneration mechanisms.
● We believe that Guanglei should be directly related to job performance, and any methods should be used  whenever possible, as incentives, profit sharing, etc.
● We expect employees to work honestly and get rewards for it.
● We hope that all Guanglei employees have the idea of long-term employment in the company.

● Customers

● Customers’ requirements for our products and services will be our first demand.
● We will make 100% effort to satisfy the quality and service of our customers.
● Once we make a promise to our customers, we will make every effort to fulfill that obligation.


● Suppliers

● We cannot make a profit if no one provides us with the good quality materials we need.
● We ask suppliers to be competitive in the market in terms of quality, pricing, delivery and procurement volume.
● We have maintained a cooperative relationship with all suppliers for more than 3 years.

● Shareholders

● We hope our shareholders can obtain considerable income and increase the value of their investment.
● We believe that our shareholders can be proud of our social value.


● Organization

● We believe every employee in charge of the business is responsible for performance in a departmental organizational structure.
● All employees are given certain powers to fulfill their responsibilities within our corporate goals and objectives.
● We will not create redundant corporate procedures. In some cases, we will solve the problem effectively with less procedures.

● Communication

● We keep the close communication with our customers, employees, shareholders, and suppliers through any possible channels.

Guanglei’s purpose is to help people across the world lead healthier and happier lives. During COVID 19 period, we enlarged our production ability to provide more sterilization machine to more countries to help them.At present,we have exported to more than 130 countries, the cumulative output of 11 million products, and services over 30 million households. Our businesses have received frequent accolades for their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.Guanglei was recognized as a“Valuable Supplier”on 2020


● OUR Mission

Guanglei's mission is to share clean air with everyone around the world. Our products are export all over the world through our network of customers, traders and distributors.

Guanglei's mission is use air purification products and technological innovation to benefit the public to bring a real healthy living state.