GL-3210 ...

GL-3210 Oro sterilizatorius daržovių Vaisiai Naujesnis Ozono generatorius

  • Min. Užsakymo kiekis: 100 vnt
  • Tiekimo Galimybė: 50000 vienetų per mėnesį
  • FOB kaina: US $17.64- 20.16 / Piece


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1.LCD display, digital timing, five minutes difference for each press on the timer button, that is 5mins more and less when you turn the switch to “+” and “-” direction, maximum staying time can reach 30mins

2. Agriculture chemical detoxification for fruit and vegetable

3. Air purify: kill virus and detoxification, prevent infective decease; remove the dust and odor to purify the air and make your indoor living circumstance forest like

4. Remove odor: dispel the odor of toilet, refrigerator, wardrobe and pet housing and so on.

5. Children stuff purify: kill virus and purify the children stuff and assure the sanitary and healthy

6. Cook tool and dishware detoxification: kill virus and detoxification, assure safe and healthy.

7. Underwear and towel detoxification: kill virus and detoxification on the commodity, keep sanitary and healthy.

8. It’s used for washing face and brushing teeth: Skin care, alleviate aging, keep mouth clean, and prevent decease.

9. Virus killing and detoxification of fish jar: kill virus and detoxification, break up the impurity substance, increase the oxygen density and prevent aquatic decease and reduce the water change frequency.

10. Pet detoxification: remove odor from pet, prevent parasite and remove odor.

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  • Ankstesnis:
  • Kitas:

  • Modelio Nr. Gl-3210
    Įtampa AC220V/50Hz  &  AC110V/60Hz
    Maksimali galia 9W
    Ozono išvestis 400mg / val
    Timing 5,10,15,20,25,30mins
    Produkto matmenys 188*268*70mm
    Packing 10pc/carton
    Carton Dimensions 604*332*495mm
    N.W 9.3kg
    laikmačiai 13.6kg
    Loading Quantity 20”GP/40”GP/40”HQ:2880/5990/6780pcs
    pažymėjimas CE, Rohsas, FCC

    Patvirtintas CE, RoHS, FCC sertifikatas.

    W arranty
    Visi produktai turi 1 metų garantiją nemokamą, mes taip pat turime 1% atsarginių dalių birių tvarka.