Should we use Air Purifier in Summer?

As everybody knows, summer always means hot and air conditioners. For using air conditioner, we got to close all the doors and windows. But, when the air conditioner is off, high temperature will lead to positive formaldehyde release. That means when we came back to the room and open the air conditioner, we are exposed to a rich formaldehyde environment. And that, is surly harmful to our families’ health.



Therefore, the answer is definitely yes. Air Purifier helps to protect our family in all-seasons. As long as we came back to a room, we should firstly turn our air purifier on. What’s more, air purifier also helps improve our home in these area:

1.By using air purifier, Bacterial infection can be stop.


Wet and hot environment is bacteria’s favorite. Summer is the season bacteria reproduction quickly and fast. Those bacteria can not only entering our bodies directly but also attach to particulates and dust. If we got a colleague or friend cough or sneeze, we are actually exposed to diseases. The Sterilization function of air purifier will help greatly by eliminating all the bacteria lead to diseases.

2.Prevent the illness from air conditioner.


Due to the high temperature, people tend to staying indoor and keep the air conditioner running all over the time. Although it is cool to stay in these kind of environment, it also brings high humidity and air pollution indoor, and this is the reason why you will feel uncomfortable if you stay in air conditioner running environment for a long time. So the suggestion will be turn your air purifier on when your air conditioner is working.

3.Purify indoor formaldehyde.


According to research, rising temperature will lead to increased formaldehyde release. It is said that 1 degree of temperature raised can upper 15%-37% of formaldehyde or benzene released from furniture. Air purifier from Guanglei can make formaldehyde decomposition with negative ion and Ozone.

4.Eliminate the danger of second hand smoke.


Many people like smoke. But the harm is not limit in the smoker, second-hand smoke contains many harmful substances. The purification function of our Guanglei Air Purifier can help eliminate those harmful substances.

As you can see, an air purifier will greatly improve our life. So just come get one!


Post time: Jul-11-2019