What is Ozone?

What is Ozone?

Ozone is created in nature by corona discharge that occurs during a lightning storm, this is that clean, fresh scent after a rainstorm. Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants available. It can eliminates bacteria, viruses, germs, odor, mold and mildew without harsh chemicals.

You cant see the ozone layer up there, which protects all life from the dangerous UV radiation of the sun, it’s the biggest ozone air purifier for the Earth.

How Ozone Works?

Ozone is called as O3, which can be spread quickly in a large area, kill a variety of microorganisms and decompose harmful substance into oxygen.

1,Normal Oxygen(O2) molecules with two atoms of oxygen.

2,Electrical transforms oxygen(O2) molecules into ozone(O3) or activated oxygen.

3,Ozone(O3) break back down into oxygen(O2) as extra atom attaches to pollution molecule.

4,Each extra oxygen atom oxidizes odors and pollution.

What Ozone Can Do?

1,Ozone is widely used in daily life, ozone generator with 400mg/h ozone output(model GL-3189) have excellent performance for the removal of odor, smoke, mold, bacterial, pesticide, bed bug, formaldehyde…etc.Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetable, baby supplies disinfection ,clothes disinfection ,also can also work as air sterilizer.


2,Industrial applications, ozone generator with high concentration ozone output(7g-64g) like model GL-808, strong sterilization for food processing and storage, water treatment,  aquaculture disinfection, chemical oxidation, fruit decay prevention, ozone therapy, public area air purification like swimming pool, school, hotel, toliet, hospital…etc.






Post time: Jul-23-2019