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GL-FS32 Kweli HEPA filter UV taa Home Air Purifier

  • Wingi wa Maagizo: kipande 100
  • Kawaida Uwezo: Vipande 50000 kwa mwezi
  • Bei ya FOB: US $69.30 - 79.20 / Piece




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1. 4 layers purification filters :
High-density cotton pre-filter, remove different kinds of pollutants which more than 20 microns , such as hair , scurf , fibre , pollen dust , etc
H12 HEPA filter can remove more than 99.97& particles whose diameter is 0.03mm(about1/200 of the hair diameter ),
Activated carbon filter can remove organism and pollutant , absorb and eliminate odors and toxic gas , with goods purification effect .
High molecular sieve, speed up the decomposition of harmful gases.
2. 20million negative ion, 30 minutes after negative ion intake, the lung is able to inhale 20% more oxygen and exhale 14.5% more carbon dioxide, they greatly benefit people’s health and everyday routine, which can facilitate body growth and disease prevention .
3. UV sterilization , kill all kinds of microorganism, germ, etc .
4. Auto / Manual / Sleep three working mode . with 4 fan speed .
5. Blue / Green / Red three air quality indicator .
6. 5 timer setting : continuous working / 1 / 2 / 4 / 8Hr timing can choose .
7. Remote control support customer operate it in 10M distance .

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  • Model No Gl-FS32
    voltage AC220V / 50Hz & AC110V / 60Hz
    Nguvu kubwa 60W
    Pato hasi la Ion 2 * 10 7pcs/Cm³
     UV Light 5W,254nm
    kelele Max 48 Db
    CADR: 240m 3/H
    Kiwango cha juu cha Hewa 330m 3/H
    Working Mode Auto / Manual / Sleep
    Fan Speed Chini / Mid / High
    timers Continue Working-1-2-4-8hours
    Air Quality Sensor Indicator Blue /Green / Red
    Remote Control 10M Distance
    Kipimo cha Bidhaa 350 * 180 * 466mm
    Nyingine Kazi Wi-Fi Function Optional
    Working Area <50m2
    NW 5.6kg
    Usalama Automatic Power-Off Upon Removal Of Front Cover
    G.W  6.5kg
    Ukubwa wa Carton  628*338*480mm
    Loading Quantity 20”GP/40”GP/40”HQ:585/1255/1425pcs
    Cheti CE, Rohs, FCC

    Imeidhinishwa CE, RoHS, cheti cha FCC.


    W arranty
    Bidhaa zote zina udhamini wa bure wa mwaka 1, pia tuna 1% ya vipuri kwa agizo kubwa.

    Malipo Method: Advance T / T, T / T, Western Union, PayPal, L / C

    Maelezo ya Utoaji: ndani ya siku 35-45 baada ya uthibitisho wa agizo na maelezo ya kifurushi.