Caring for your baby’s health, Guanglei Air Purifier is your best assist

Mothers always want the best for their children. Good air quality is one of the key points of healthy growth.


As we know, the boiling point of formaldehyde is 19 degree,  which means that the temperature during the whole summer could be higher than its boiling point. And that, makes our home no longer a safe place for children.


Most baby spend their most time indoor and this makes our babies sufferers of bad quality of indoor air, and they are so young that their immune system are not well prepared yet. That’s why air purifiers are most needed by our babies.

Now, may I introduce our best defender for our children GL-K180


GL-K180 has a HEPA system which can filter more than 99.95% of dust and fury in air, the Ozone system can not only remove odor, but also decomposition of formaldehyde.


It also has a Negative-ion output of 2*10^7pcs/cm3. Negative-ion will combine with the dust who carrying positive-ion in air. It is a positive way to clean up our air.


Besides, we also need to pay more attention to these:


  1. Try to stay indoor when Smoggy weather happened.


  1. If you got to go out in smoggy weather, put on a mask for protection.


  1. When baby came home from outside, wash their faces.


  1. Nutritious diet for babies can also help improve their immune systems.

Post time: Aug-01-2019