• Welcome To Visit Our 2021 Hot Selling Air Purifier and Ozone Generator Live Show

    Welcome To Visit Our 2021 Hot Selling Air Purifier and Ozone Generator Live Show

    Shenzhen Guanglei Electronic Co., Ltd. is doing a live show on Join us now!   Title: 2021 Hot Selling Air Purifier and Ozone Generator Start Time: 2021-03-02 20:00PM UTC+08:00 Click the following URL to enter the live show room directly:
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  • What is the use of an air purifier?

    The big guys may be familiar with this vocabulary, but have you really thought about the function of this purifier? Is this thing really effective? How effective is it in the treatment of formaldehyde? The air purifier can detect and treat indoor air and formaldehyde pollution in decoration, and ...
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  • New Ionic Ozone Air and Water Purifier Launch

    New Ionic Ozone Air and Water Purifier Launch

      It should not be forgotten that traditional sanitation is 2,000 times less effective than ozone treatments, which in addition have the advantage of being 100% ecological. Ozone is one of the world’s most powerful sterilizing agents, it is also one of the safest & cleanest sterilizers a...
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  • Guanglei 2021 New Design Mini Plug-in HEPA UV Ionic Air Purifier.

    Guanglei 2021 New Design Mini Plug-in HEPA UV Ionic Air Purifier.

    To stop the spread we are currently using medical masks, gloves, sanitisers and Covid protective kits but people have also turned to air purifiers for the answer. As an air purifier filters out smoke and dust, some people think it might remove the virus too. So, today we would like to answer the ...
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  • The necessity of car air purifier

    Compared with the indoor air quality problem, the air pollution problem in the car also cannot be ignored. During the driving process, on the one hand, one has to face the situation that the dirty air from the outside enters the car, and more pollution mainly comes from the car, such as the car b...
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  • How to choose a household air purifier

    We buy air purifiers, mainly for indoor pollutants. There are many sources of indoor air pollutants, which may come from indoors or outdoors. Pollutants come from many sources, such as bacteria, molds, dust mites, pollen, household cleaners, as well as household cleaning products, insecticides, p...
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  • How to breath clean air

    More and more attention has been focused on the negative health effects of outdoor and indoor air pollution,especially this year because of Covid 19. However do you know that any toxins or pollutants released indoors are approximately 1,000 times more likely to be breathed in than anything releas...
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  • Top Health Benefits Of Air Purifier And Air Cleaner For Home And Office

    Most people believe that pollution is a problem which only exists outdoors rather than indoors. This is very wrong as it has been discovered that every home and business office has airborne substances. Have you ever imagined that your health can be vulnerable to such particles while staying indoo...
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  • Fruit and vegetable washing machine rely on ozone sterilization

    Summer is the peak season for sales and consumption of various vegetables and fruits. Due to problems such as pesticide residues, it is very necessary to have high-tech fruit and vegetable washing machines such as ozone sterilization at home. An expert from the Environmental and Health Related Pr...
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  • Purify air of your car

    Nowadays, more and more people have cars, we drive to work, visit friends, take vacations……What is status of air in car? Is it same as at home or in forest? American Testing Result reveals: The car hazardous substances content is 5-10 times higher than home and office. There are more ...
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  • Clean Air at Home,Quality Life Everyday

    Clean air in the home is essential for maintaining good long-term health.Maybe you think the air at home is clean,cause we cannot see dust or smell anything in the air, that doesn’t mean the air is clear enough. Actually it may contaminates with bacteria, virus, dust, mold spores, VOCs and other ...
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  • Air purifier– good helper for refrigerator sterilization

    Refrigerators, as an essential household appliance in the home, bear huge responsibilities. However, most families will encounter peculiar smells when using refrigerators. Although the refrigerator has the function of keeping fresh, its low temperature environment also allows bacteria to multiply...
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