The epidemic is raging, air purifiers protect respiratory health

In recent days, the foreign epidemic situation has been relatively severe, with new cases remaining high, and the domestic epidemic situation has rebounded. The “New Coronary Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Sixth Edition)” issued by the National Health Commission clearly stated that “there is the possibility of aerosol transmission when exposed to high concentrations for a long time in a relatively closed environment.” Therefore, at the moment of the epidemic, except for Where people gather, wear masks to protect themselves and others as much as possible. People need other reliable indoor protection methods. In offices, homes, and unventilated indoor spaces, air purifiers have become our indoor bodyguards

Here, I recommend an air purifier GL-K180 which suitable for both office and home use.


Smart touch screen, intuitive and easy to operate


Generally speaking, the larger the CADR value, the larger the clean air output ratio, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier and the larger the applicable area. The K180 CADR value is as high as 420 m³/h, and the applicable area can reach 120 square meters.

On the market, most of air purifiers use 3 layers of purification filter, while GL-K180 uses 9 layers of purification filter.


① PP early effect filters, preliminary filtration 20 microns hair, larger particles, can be repeated washing, reducing replacement costs;

② HEPA filter, filtering the 0.03 micron particle in air;

③ Cold catalyst filter, decomposition & absorption formaldehyde;

④ Activated carbon sponge, preliminary absorption formaldehyde and other harmful substances;

⑤ Granular carbon & formaldehyde adsorption filter, adsorption formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances;

⑥ Photo-catalyst net, partially oxidized decomposition of various organic and inorganic substances, with a strong anti-fouling, sterilization and deodorization function;

⑦ 254nm UV light, kill mold spores, staphylococcus& other bacteria/viruses;

⑧ High negative ions, can quickly absorb harmful substances, degradation of various types of pollution;

⑨ Ozone effectively remove indoor smoke or odor, dust sterilization decorative materials, increasing oxygen, fresh air.

Negative ion and ozone function

Product detail display

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Post time: Jul-31-2020