Wearable Ionizer Personal Air Purifier

Our wearable ionizer personal air purifier is a pure ionizer air purifier developed for personal use. It uses ion breeze technology to provide ion-rich air to your mouth and nose. Provide clean and healthy air anytime, anywhere. The most important thing is that the operation is very simple and can be charged using a USB cable without having to change the battery frequently.


Principle of negative ion air purifier:

Negative ions will adsorb suspended particles in the air (such as PM2.5, formaldehyde, pollen, second-hand smoke, pet hair, etc.), so that these suspended particles attract each other, become larger and heavier, and thus accelerate the landing, and the continuous use of 20 million through the purifier / cm³ Negative ion mouth and nose auxiliary police, like forming an invisible mask, can effectively reduce the inhalation of suspended dirt and avoid air hazards.


Features of Wearable Ionizer Personal Air Purifier:

◪   Fresh: People prefer to live in nearby beaches, waterfalls and forests, where there are natural places filled with anions and places where people can update themselves.

◪   Promote metabolism: This product can activate various enzymes of the human body, promote metabolism, help absorb nutrients, remove aging waste, and further purify the blood.

◪   Production of active oxygen: Anions can effectively activate oxygen molecules in the air and can be easily absorbed by humans, so that this product can prevent air-conditioning diseases.

◪   When people inhale more anions, the lungs can increase oxygen absorption by 20% and increase carbon dioxide emissions by 15%.

◪   Enhance disease resistance: Negative ions can improve the body’s ability to respond and activate the function of the network system, thereby enhancing the body’s immunity.

◪   Anions can neutralize the positive charge of dust and fumes in the air by their negative charge and cause them to fall by natural settling.

◪   Care for the eyes: Anions can neutralize the high-voltage static electricity caused by TVs and computers, effectively reducing the damage to the human eye. At the same time, anions can also reduce the damage of dust to TV and computer.

◪   Skin Care: Anion-activated oxygen kills aphids and makes the skin more elastic.


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Post time: Aug-07-2020