GL-2106 ...

GL-2106 ايبل ڊيزائن HEPA ايئر سمال روم لاء Purifier

  • منٽ. آرڊر جي مقدار: 100 پيس
  • جي فراهمي جي سگهه: 50000 رپيا هر مهيني
  • FOB قيمت: US $38.64 - 44.16 / Piece



تصديق نامو ۽ وارنٽي

پيداوار ٽيگ

1.Touch Operation, easy to control

2.360°air flow, no dead-end air filtration.

3.3 levels air quality sensor, LED indicator light, real-time air quality monitor.

4.Composite True HEPA filter and active carbon filter, effectively absorb harmful substance, odor, particles, bacteria…etc.

5.Sleep mode, quite with very low noise.

6.5 millions high concentration of negative ion, breathe like you are in the forest.

7. Turbo mode, Quickly remove odor or clean air pollution.

8.Timer can be set 1-2-4-8 Hours.

9. Muti-Purification System brings you and your family fresh air.


  • نظارو:
  • اڳيون:

  • ماڊل نمبر. GL-2106
    وولٽيج AC220V / 50Hz ۽ AC110V / 60Hz
    شور Less than 48 db
    Maximum Air flow 175 m3/ ح
    CADR 110 m3/ ح
    Mode Auto/ Manual/ Sleep
    Fan speed level Low-med-high-turbo
    طول D216*H337mm
    Maximum Power 40W
    منفي آئون 5*10^6 pcs/cm3
    Timer 1-2-4-8 H
    Air Quality Sensor 3 levels

    منظور ٿيل سي اي ، آر ايڇ ايس ، ايف سي سي سرٽيفڪيٽ.


    W وارنٽي

    سڀني شين جي 1 سال مفت وارنٽي آهي ، اسان وٽ پڻ 1 ٪ اسپئر حصن آهي وڏي آرڊر لاء.