Can an air purifier purify the Covid-19?

After the smog left people’s vision, many people actually held a skeptical attitude towards air purifiers,They felt that there was no need to buy air purifiers. They didn’t feel any discomfort when breathing outside every day, but the arrival of the Covid-19 made people think again,There is a demand for him. The air purifier can effectively remove H1N1 and achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization.


In the air purifier, there is a H13 HEPA filter, which can effectively filter 0.03 micron-level pollutants, including the H1N1; the machine is equipped with a UV ultraviolet lamp, and plasma can destroy and kill viruses. Whether used in homes, businesses or public places, air purifiers, as a kind of electrical appliances related to respiratory health, play a positive role in improving indoor air quality.


At present, there are many types of air purifiers on the market, such as photocatalyst purifiers, negative ion purifiers, activated carbon purifiers, ozone air purifier, HEPA air purifier, and so on. The number of people suffering from respiratory diseases continues to rise, and the immune system of infants and the elderly is low. Air purifiers can make the air in the home better.


Post time: Apr-16-2021