How to live in epidemic period

Now no one can escape a topic—COVID 19, for the last several months, weve all been consumed with news of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. One element of the outbreak that has gone largely unnoticed, though, is the effect that it is having on air quality worldwide.

“We have to adapt to the virus and change, because the virus is not going to change for us,”said Lee, who is also the director of communicable diseases at the Ministry of Health.

So how can we change ourselves to adapt to the change and really improve our air quality?

it’s important to use a residential air purifier to keep the levels of harmful pollutants in your home low. Generally, it’s best to use a combination HEPA and carbon-filtered model that will remove both particles and gases from the air and give you the broadest possible range of protection.

Post time: Jun-09-2020